Luke Woltanski

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and more!

Performing for us all from 6 pm to 7 pm Thursday, August 17th!

I’m a sophomore at Hillsdale College studying biology and pre-medicine, but I’ve been composing and playing music for about seven years now. I play mostly folk music, and I like to tell stories about things that happened around here (Perry’s Lake, Corner of Main Street), and stories about things that are myths or just exaggerations (El Cid, Ship of Souls). I play the harmonica, guitar, piano, dulcimer, and Native American Flute, and I have a recording studio called Woltway Records. I have four albums out, the first two are my experiments on learning how to record (Prairiefire, Fog Dance), and the last two are actual studio albums with a band (Constellation, Solos and Stories). My favorite thing to play is a duo with the guitar and harmonica, and a personable crowd is always welcome!
I’ll also bring copies of the albums to sell for $10. $5 will go to Buckets of Rain, and the other $5 will pay for the making of the CD’s.